The New Way to progress

Currently in public beta, Codethor is a knowledge hub for students and researchers that aims to make academic information easily accessible to everyone.

What is Codethor? (Short for Code Author) is an exciting online question and answer community that aims to revolutionize the method queries square measure answered online. Whether or not you would like to grasp the solution to a burning question, or you are detonating with knowledgeable answers and experiences you cannot wait to share, can offer you with the answers you're trying to find. It provides you FREE, 24/7 access to an entire world of data, and to several knowledgeable friends.

A worldwide community of knowledge is much more than just a place for finding things out - it's also an online community. It allows you to share ideas, facts and opinions with each other.
Start using today and you’ll soon have the most intelligent mates on the planet and the answer to everything!

Our Vision

We want to provide you with the most comprehensive answers available on the Web. You might be looking for a factual answer or you might be looking for other people's experiences to help you - we aim to provide both

We had a vision – we wanted to create a new online community which would allow people from all over the world to share their knowledge and ask any question imaginable. And we wanted to make sure it was free to use.

So after months of hard work and research, our talented team launched in October 2015.

The site immediately took off, and has rapidly grown to become arguably the most exciting and accessible question and answer community in existence. It's expanding every day – every minute more and more people across the world realise how easy and exciting it is to learn new things and share knowledge at

Our Mission

To provide an informative answer for everything, drawing on our community members' personal experiences to give you multiple opinion-based answers to your questions.

And the future?

Every day, thousands of new users discover and we're quickly becoming the most prolific question and answer site on the Internet. To ensure we become the biggest knowledge resource in the world, we're continually looking at ways to make our site even more exciting and engaging. We’re big on innovation and are always looking at ways to make Codethor better.

How are we different?

Not only is Codethor FREE to use, it's also unique in terms of the style of knowledge it provides. Our answer-based content offers more than the purely-factual information you'd find on a websites.

We’re much more flexible and expansive – we provide information about ideas and opinions as well as facts; we can answer abstract questions and most importantly other Code Authors will happily share their experiences with you to help answer your question more thoroughly.